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Emily Penfold is a British multidisciplinary artist and graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2018. Within her practise, Emily explores the fragility of life, celebrating its internal magic in all its forms. She aims to challenge people to find light and positivity in the dark and is particularly inspired by views of life as a cycle rather than a linear journey. No end. Just beginnings. Emily creates work that is beautiful yet thought provoking.

Emily's series of exquisite original drawings in graphite, pen and ink emerged following a haunting trip to the Killing Fields in Cambodia. Through these drawings, she explores a subject that is both personal and universal. The juxtaposition of the human skulls against vibrant colours as well as powerful representations of life creates a sinister yet hopeful vision exploring our own human impression and everlasting presence, our soul as a timeless essence.

In a number of Emily's works, she incorporates the use of gold leaf. She invites you to consider finding beauty in the passage of time and the purity of the intangible relationship between life and the inevitability that is death.

In her more recent work, Emily delves into the fragile dimensions of sea-life, exploring the delicacy of what lies beneath the surface. Inspired by this powerful force of nature, the infinite water of the sea evokes an unequivocal sense of both fear and calm. Something that can make you feel so fragile and alive all in one.
A Jellyfish sting is like an electric shock - a spark of nature's energy. Emily uses light and bold colours to highlight the hypnotic beauty of these translucent bundles of energy, like a ghost heart pulsating through the water.

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