I love to capture Cornwall's natural beauty; from soaring cliffs and wildflowers to turquoise seas and sun kissed sands. I always love to visit the location before I paint, I collect imagery and aerial footage to get a full “feel” of the place.


Arty Genes are in the family! My parents led the entrepreneurial lifestyle. My childhood was spent attending Arts and Crafts exhibitions, visiting factories and travelling mainly around Southeast Asia, which is where they drew their inspiration from.


It’s probably no surprise to you that I studied Fine Art for my Undergraduate degree, during this time I found myself sieving through my parents’ contacts to see whether or not one of the factories they were in contact with wanted a new designer - and hey presto - one of them did. I spent some time designing for a Fuzhou Factory and exhibiting my work at the Canton Fair (the world's largest Arts and Craft Fair).


I also went on to gain a masters in Entrepreneurship which gave me the business tools I needed to launch myself into the position I find myself today.