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Influenced by the artists community where Sarah Cooling grew up

and later her move near to Limoges famous for it’s hard paste

porcelain and Medieval and Renaissance enamel where she lived

for nine years, Sarah became interested in all aspects of the arts

from an early age.

On her return to West Penwith, Sarah was able to spend some time

at Leach Pottery during a residency and developed her practice

with wheel throwing during her BA (Hons) Art and Design with

Plymouth University, where she obtained a first class honours


The translucency of porcelain and it’s fragile and delicate quality

enables Sarah to create a visual narrative of how nature touches us

and reminds us of our intrinsic interconnectedness to the

landscape. Working from her studio at Krowji in Redruth, she

endeavours to create forms that evoke a sense of curiosity, not only

with form specifically but also with finishes by using layered slips

and glazes that will always reveal the true nature of the materials


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