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Growing up in a city in Berkshire and working in London meant that life was busy. After many years of glorious holidays down in Cornwall my husband and I finally felt the pull to relocate here.  We could no longer ignore its calling and the need for a better work life balance.  Once we had made the decision we had packed up and moved here within the month - it was the best decision we ever made.  Spending every spare moment out of work by the ocean, in the ocean, exploring new secluded parts of the county, rambling along the South West coast path with our dogs in tow.  


Faced with lockdown because of the Covid 19 pandemic I suddenly, like the rest of the world had a lot of spare time on my hands!  More than anything though I desperately missed the ocean, the sand between my toes, the ocean breeze on my face and watching the water and its myriad of blues, turquoise and greens. The only way I could see that I could feel close those beautiful things was to paint it.  So, I dusted off my paintbrushes and started painting.  I thought I would share my creations with my friends on social media and to my surprise people liked what I was doing.  It was helping bring the ocean to them as it was for me.


So, I painted more and more, selecting some of my favourite coastlines across Cornwall.  I started really enjoying painting aerial shots of the crystal-clear water and waves breaking at the shorelines. It became incredibly important to me to share the beauty of Cornwall with people who couldn’t currently reach it due to the pandemic.  I paint to try to convey the sheer beauty of the beaches of Cornwall, I am mesmerised by the immense power of the waves and the colours that appear in the deep waters.


I have now focused my work on aerial views, wave formations and my newest body of work is studying Ocean Sunsets.  The main signature of my work is texture – I love creating deep, heavy texture in the ocean, sand and most importantly the white water of the waves. 

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