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Chloe Elliott lives and works from her home in Cornwall, taking inspiration for her paintings from the great outdoors.


After studying for a Foundation Degree at Kingston University, London, Chloe Elliott then went on to Study Illustration at Falmouth University Cornwall in 2012 and proceeded to become a celebrated children’s book illustrator, with four of her own books published. Her work has also been exhibited privately and shown in numerous Interior design magazines including The World of Interiors.


With so much to be inspired by on the Cornish coast, it's no wonder that this is her main muse! But Chloe also draws from her travel experience and her love of surfing. Of her work, Chloe says: "I want to capture the moment, to reveal how a wave can be stopped in time, showing a contrast of textures and light. My paintings derive from an experience, composed by my imagination and feeling of that place."

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