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Anthony Horth’s career started as a young photographer when he was flown by Vogue Magazine to Paris from Australia, and subsequently relocated to London some years later. After working meticulously to secure a contract with British Vogue, Horth split his time between London, Paris, and Milan.


“It all began when I picked up a camera at age 13. From that moment on, I liked the wayI could contain life by looking through that window. I have always been an obsessive person, and I’m visually mesmerised by the perpetual change of movement, colour, and texture as light passes through the hours of the day.”


After a 15 year career in Europe shooting for British and Italian Vogue, as well as French, Italian, and German Elle, Anthony relocated to New York City to shoot for American Vogue and Mademoiselle. Anthony Horth’s career spans 35 years across three continents. He is widely regarded as one of Australia’s most successful fashion and landscape photographer exports.

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