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Wendy Parkyn is a natural born talent, self-taught and later teaching others, working outdoors whenever possible, surrounded that the nature that inspires her beautiful, scenic work.


Her journey as a painter began in her place of birth, Jersey, where her career blossomed selling hand-painted pottery and landscapes through local galleries.


Upon her move to our beloved Cornwall in 1990, Parkyn’s attentions naturally turned to seascapes, which she threw herself into using watercolour (which she later taught through the Adult Education Service) before branching out into Acrylics, Oils, Pastels and Mixed Media to create her unique style that she is so celebrated for today.


Wendy Parkyn’s love for what she does is apparent in her work and also in her constant desire to learn and experiment with new techniques. Recently, she has been exploring cubism with mesmerising results!


Alongside her painting, Parkyn continues to teach, demonstrating and holding workshops for local art groups and art societies and also offering private lessons.

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