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Lawrence Murley has received wide acclaim and success both in America and the UK, with his sculptures in galleries on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.


Lawrence carves in a selection of beautifully coloured stone, his favourite being serpentine(Cornish marble). He is mostly known for his sculptures of reptiles and amphibians, but more recently the addition of mammals and crustaceans bring a broader spectrum of animals to life in stone.


Lawrence Murley brings animals to life, carefully working each stone by hand using a small hammer and chisel to remove the surrounding marble to reveal a three-dimensional stand-alone piece with limbs carved with great complexity into the solid rock. Finer detailing follows using diamond bits, cutters and files to etch in definition and life-like accuracies. Each sculpture is finished by being sanded, buffed and waxed, leaving it with lustrous shine and finesse.

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