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Having grown up in Emsworth on the South coast of England, Dominique has always been captivated by the sea. Fishing trips in the Solent with her dad captured her imagination and established her love of seafood and the marine environment. Her seaside experiences at home led her further afield, from landing fresh catch at St Mawes in Cornwall to lifting lobster pots with local fishermen in the Western isles of Scotland. 


Crustaceans - their individual beauty, form and colours – make a fascinating subject that allows Dominique to express her unique sense of style and creative representation. She likes to focus on subjects that are familiar, beloved and uplifting. Her photorealism art, using the medium of oil paints, brings the seafood alive again, this time on stretched canvas for posterity.


Dominique has always been at her happiest when immersed in painting, leading her to pursue her passion and study Art Foundation in Fine Art & Photography at Oxford Brooks University. She continued to develop her style and expression as she studied, whilst concurrently working within a globally renowned print design company. Her still life setting collections on food, florals and fish have also featured on material designs for fashion brands like Anthropology and H&M. Outside of her studies and contracted work, she produced direct commissions for a variety of individuals and food companies.  


Now living & painting in London, she regularly returns home to the coast for inspiration, surfing and fishing trips.

You can find her on Instagram @dwarren_art or

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