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Angie Seaway is an Expressive Landscape artist and we are thrilled to be able to exhibit her beautiful work in St Mawes Gallery.


After beginning to paint in her early thirties Seaway went on to study Fine Art at Plymouth University. She paints Britains’ obsession with the weather! After extensive travelling she realised that as a country we comment upon it frequently and with emotion and her paintings are a celebration of that. The titles are derived from snippets of daily weather forecasts which she hopes are as descriptive and evocative as the paintings themselves.


She lives just minutes from the coastline and paints in response to the influence of the ever changing elements in the South West landscape. Her paintings reflect the impact of the weather on the scene being portrayed and the dance between sea, sand and sky and her emotional and expressive response to it.


Angie works in a dynamic way always starting ‘en plein air’ out in the environment, with all the inherent risks this brings such as seagulls flying off with paint tubes, chasing canvases down the beach and extra bits of texture as the sand lands on the wet paintings! Paint is poured over lines of charcoal and ink with pigments, glazes and textures added  as she works. She wants the paintings to look and feel like they have been painted with paint unashamedly behaving like paint…even with clumps and drips. Angie always seeks to create paintings that are full of movement and vigour. 

AS Brighter Later.jpg
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