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Alvaro Tamarit was born in Alicante, Spain in 1976 and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia. Working thoroughly searching amongst objects that ceased to have function and that were stranded, Alvaro Tamarit found in nature itself the fragments of wood that form part of his works. In both his sculpture and collages, he demonstrates through series of pieces in which recycling is part of the creative process, developing his pieces worked through constructive processes such as formwork, assembly and gluing paper, photography, wood and recovered books.


Since 2006, he has been creating furniture and design pieces, a series called Deconstruction, conceived from the use of reclaimed wood from which functional sculptures, unique works and commissioned pieces are made.


One of the assumptions that has remained throughout his career, has been that art has to be close and understandable not only by adults but equally by children. Therefore, since 1999 his artistic exhibitions have been accompanied by learning experiences and the development of educational workshops.

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